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Thu 5/5/2005

Well, Gabe has finally arrived in New York City. I hadn't seen him in almost a year now, so it was good to be able to give him a squeeze. We spent his first night bringing eachother up to speed on past events and making sure we are both on the same page for this month's SCHEDULE. (Mwaa ha haa!!!)

I woke up early the next morning (Wednesday) and drew some Comics while Gabe slept. At 9am I kicked him out of bed and we hit the streets. First order of business? TO GET ME A NEW LIGHTSABER. We went to the Toys R Us in the HEART of the times square madness (44th & Broadway) which has got to be the biggest, CRAZIEST toy store I've ever seen. (It has a FERRIS WHEEL, INSIDE the store!!?!) They had a huge lego section where you could just select the pieces you need (in any size, shape or color) and then buy them by weight. !?! You could build ANYTHING!!! And in the Star Wars display, they basically HAD! There was a 7'-0" tall Chewbacca made ENTIRELY out of Legos.

Anyways, I got my NEW LIGHTSABER and I'm totally in love with it. It is EASILY the best (toy) lightsaber I've ever owned.

The lightsabers they released in 1997 for Special Edition were SO LAME. First of all they released LUKE'S green lightsaber from Return of the Jedi and Darth Vader's. Vader's I understand, but LUKE'S? Who cares! Could we PLEASE get Obi-Wan's from A New Hope??? Luke barely even USES his green lightsaber and then at the end he THROWS it away?! Pffff. Secondly, the plastic on the "blade" was too rubbery and easily tore after too much use.

Then, in 1999 the lightsaber offerings were ALSO totally weak. They made Qui-Gon Jinn's lightsaber instead of Obi-Wan's (Grrrr!) and the design of it was SO AWFUL (exposed trigger with no casing so that it would always go off in class and stuff) plus the HORRIBLE Darth Maul double ended lightsaber that DIDN'T EVEN LIGHT UP, but "flashed" on impact (and then had to RECHARGE for 20 seconds). NOT TO MENTION that the blades were made of a really brittle plastic that would SHATTER if you used them in cold weather! Laaaaaaaaaame.

The Episode II lightsabers were pretty cool (FINALLY an Obi-Wan!!!) including Anakin's and Count Dooku's curved handle blade. I don't mess around with the Dark Side though, so I bought the Obi-Wan one and carried it around for about a year. The blade consistency was a lot better and I ASSUMED that it would be my last lightsaber.

BUT. Since Episode III (coming out in 13 days!) leads right into Episode IV (the first Star Wars ever) Obi-Wan's lightsaber is the same in both movies. So I basically just bought the lightsaber I've ALWAYS wanted all along!!! Also, some BRILLIANT designer STOPPED using C batteries (which always have to go down the center of the handle like a flashlight, making the handle over-sized and clunky) and put 3 AA batteries in the BASE of the handle, so that the grip is the right size. Also, having the weight in the BOTTOM of the handle really improves the torque and balance while spinning it. The blade is a VIBRANT blue with a perfect consitency of plastic--rigid but with a bit of rubbery give so that it won't break on impact. ON TOP OF ALL THAT, they also improved the power-up and collapsing sounds and it VIBRATES when you beat it against something. The ONLY thing that could make it better (in my opinion) would be a motion sensor so that the idle hum changes when you swing it around (like a real lightsaber does).

REGARDLESS, it is going to be on my belt for the rest of the month, and I'm considering buying ANOTHER one so that in 10 years (or whatever) when this one finally "becomes one with the force" I can have ANOTHER one waiting on deck!!!

Anyways, after that Gabe and I tried to do one last round of theater reconnoissance, so that Gabe could be totally up-to-date with our Episode III plans, but alas, they were setting up some red carpet premeire at the Zeigfeld, so we couldn't see a movie there. (We're going on Friday instead).

Then we wandered around for a bit. I showed Gabe where I'm going to be going to school next "year," we dropped in on Ilana and Stephanie at work (to show them my new lightsaber!) and then we came home and TOTALLY rearranged the TV room. Now there is more room for Gabe to sleep which is good because he is staying here for a MONTH. There might also be enough room for my CARDBOARD CHAIR construction after he has left (woo!)

Well, tomorrow we head to Philadelphia for the weekend to visit my sister Galen, so there probably won't be much to report until I get back... (Oh! and the creepy shadow in the picture above is from my finger being in front of the flash. Look how long my HAIR is! FLASH!)

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