The Ballads and Beards of Basewood

Thu 10/26/2017

Both Phase 7 #020 and Phase 7 #021 have gone out of print recently, so I made them a new home in the latest Phase 7 collection, The Ballads and Beards of Basewood!

The print version is 136 pages and costs $9.99. Phase 7 #020 contains the lyrics to Songs From the Basewood, so you can stream that for free, or download it digitally for $7 on

I'm trying something new with the digital version of this book. It's free! Or, well, it's "$0+" which means you can get it for free, or pay whatever you want.

As with all my comics, now that the minicomics are sold out, you can also read Phase 7 #020 and Phase 7 #021 for free in the Phase Seven Comics online archive.

While I was creating the eBook of this new book, I also set up the long-overdue eBook for Gabby Schulz's A Process of Drastically Reducing One's Expectations. It is also priced at "$0+" so go download a copy if you want to check it out. 67 of the pages are now reproduced in full color, so it might be fun to check out even if you already have a copy of the book.

In other publishing news, my buddy Jon Chad and I are putting the finishing touches on the Drop Target Omnibus, which collects all seven issues of our pinball zine, Drop Target, plus over 100 pages of new content. We're hoping to launch a Kickstarter to fund the initial printing of this book sometime next week, so I'll probably be blogging again soon to promote that!

Lots going on in these last few busy months of 2017!

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