2018 was a BLUR

Mon 12/31/2018

Well, somehow 2018 is already over. I shattered my previous low-blogging record of last year's 12 entries by only writing five this year, including this post! Yeesh.

This has been a year of frantic treading, just trying to keep my head above water. My time has never been more limited, so I've really had to focus on essential tasks: take care of my kids, work my day job, hit freelance deadlines, do chores around the house, sleep when possible.

I used what little time was left over to chip away at personal projects and for stress-relieving activities such as reading and making music.

Back in January I joined the Santa Fe Concert Band. For the last year I have attended weekly rehearsals and performed in a dozen concerts at various public venues around Santa Fe. It's been about 16 years since I played my trumpet seriously, and I've enjoyed getting back into it. I also met a lot of great people in the band.

Unfortunately, the time band has taken away from my work/personal duties has been adding stress to my life the last few months, so I made the hard decision to not join up again next year. I fully plan on rejoining again in the future when things feel less stressful, but for now it's just one commitment too many.

Yesterday I completed my 18th 24-Hour Comic. I once again used it as an opportunity to quickly dump out a first draft of a new picture book. Again, someday when time is more abundant, I'll have a nice little stack of books to draw.

I'm hesitant to set new goals for 2019.... I've put up signs all over my studio and office that just say, "SIMPLIFY." Instead of trying to take on new projects and getting spread too thin, I'm trying to focus on the projects that are still lingering from previous lists, or things I have been neglecting, or the day job and freelance obligations that are already confirmed. With that and my parenting duties, there should be plenty of stuff going on to keep me out of trouble next year.

Well, I hope everyone had a happy holidays and that all of your 2019s get off to a good start!

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