Fri 1/31/2020

My new year's resolution for 2019 was "Read more. Write more." I ended up reading about 50 books, which is the same amount I usually read (I'm on goodreads if anyone wants to see what I'm reading), and I didn't write much of anything. So for 2020 my new year's resolution is simply "Write."

After two-plus years of posting daily on Instagram, I'm burned out. I enjoy being able to look back and see my kids growing, but life feels overwhelming enough right now, just trying to get through the day, without also having to constantly document everything.

Anyway, in an effort to kill two birds with one stone I thought I would resurrect my blog this year, doing a monthly post about what is going on in my life. I'll dump some of the photos posted below on Instagram and link back to this post. We'll see how it goes....

Suzanne and Wendy are starting to play together more and more these days, which is very heartwarming. They still need to be supervised, but I can see the hazy outline of a future scenario where they are like sitting in a room together, playing with toys, and I could be using that time to do something else.

We read comics with Suzanne constantly, and it's been amazing to see how she will memorize an entire graphic novel, and then can flip through it herself and relive the story. She's really good with her letters and has started being able to recognize short words in picture books. The thought of her starting to read soon is very exciting!

Claire and I were worried that Wendy was a bit slow to start talking, but then over the last week she has started babbling a lot more and repeating sounds and a few words, so it seems like her language journey is underway! Speaking of journeys...

To avoid all the stress of holiday travel, Claire came up with the idea this year to stay at home in Santa Fe over Christmas and New Year's and then to travel up to Seattle to visit my family for Suzanne's birthday in mid-January. This worked great, the travel was very mellow, but man... Suzanne got really sick the day after her birthday and was barfing her guts out for an entire, horrible night.

The next day my mom threw a joint party for Suzanne, my sister Courtney, and Claire's step-sister Ana, which a few brave souls turned out for. Luckily no one else picked up the sickness! This was like Suzanne's third birthday party (one in Santa Fe before leaving, cake and ice cream on her actual birthday, then this party) so she was pretty excited, even after a rough night.

The absolute highlight of our trip was visiting the Seattle Aquarium to see the otters! Suzanne has been obsessed with otters lately, in large part because of their key role in Finding Dory, which we have watched many times. It was super exciting getting to see them in real life, and we had a fun time seeing all the exhibits with a big group of folks from our families.

Before we left Seattle, Wendy threw up twice. After arriving back in New Mexico Suzanne threw up twice, which then got me sick for another horrible night. There was a lot of barfing on this trip. It made the whole excursion a bit exhausting, but it still felt worth it to see my family. We are thankful to all be home safely, and healthy again, with no family travel plans in the immediate future.

One of Suzanne's favorite birthday presents is a triangle rope ladder thing that I hung from the ash tree in our back yard. While playing on it, Wendy wanted to try our swing again, which previously she had only been able to do sideways (straddling the seat, so she didn't fall out). She was able to sit and hold on, and now loves swinging for 10 minutes at a time. It feels good to be outside - I'm ready for Spring.

Penny has mercilessly pecked all the feathers off of Henny's head. She's also been pecking at Camilla's lower belly. It bums me out, but I guess that's what chickens do. They are tiny dinosaurs after all.

This month I was trying to catch up on all my CCS work while also digitally coloring book four of Mr. Wolf's Class by Aron Nels Steinke. These freelance responsibilities and the aforementioned trip also overlapped with two extremely detailed pages of Isle of Elsi. I only managed to ink them (no color) and on the second one I even needed an extra week, the first time I have missed my weekly page deadline in over four years.

I finished coloring Aron's book last night, and future pages of Isle of Elsi are far less demanding, so I'm looking forward to a calmer February. I'm going to be focusing on (finally!) finishing off the Isle of Elsi Kickstarter and Patreon fulfillment. If you're still waiting on any rewards, keep an eye on your mailbox!

I know this is a long post, but I don't care. I had fun writing this! I'm going to try and keep this idea going for the rest of the year if I can.

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Love the monthly post idea. Seems more manageable. Gotta figure that stuff out with the kiddos. Speaking of which, nice to see them here and healthy. Sorry about your barfy vay-cay. All the best with IoE. Weekly or not, we're here.

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