My Favorite Band EVER

Thu 5/12/2005

I took out my student loans today. (GULP) Somehow that ate up my WHOLE DAY.

Then I went to my 5th weezer show. It was A-mazing.
They rocked. They rolled. Then they rocked some more.

It's too important to me and complex to be able to describe the experience with words (look for an equally inarticulate post after I get back from Star Wars: Episode III - "Revenge of the Sith" IN SIX DAYS). I just hope that EVERYONE has SOMETHING that they love as much as I love weezer (and Star Wars... and Comics...). They were so awesome and I love Rivers so much. They will always be my favorite band.

Oh, I can think of one thing to share. I was jumping around a lot and singing (I even knew the words to the NEW songs!) and during "My Name is Jonas" I was totally rocking out so hard that I knocked my own glasses off into the teeming mass of people. I sort of gasped, but then had to keep rocking out (of course). After the song, I showed Gabe and Kelly and Tom and Sara and Asher that I had LOST my glasses. They all gasped too. At the end of the show, RIGHT when the lights came up I pushed my way through the 10 or so closest people in front of me and FOUND my glasses which had magically NOT been trampled and broken! I am a hero.

Also my hair is so long that I was HEAD BANGING, which I haven't done since my FIRST weezer concert in 1995.

Also, Gabe and I are waking up early tomorrow to go to VERMONT for the weekend to visit Charlotte. As we walked home from the Subway tonight I told Gabe to look up. There were 3 stars. I said, "Tomorrow night we'll add some powers of TEN to that number!" I can't wait.

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