Jeezum Crow!

Mon 5/16/2005

OH MAN, Gabe and I got back tonight from a WONDERFUL weekend in Vermont and things have been going CRAZY! An HOUR after we got back we hosted a 15 person viewing of Star Wars - Episode II - "Attack of the Clones" Then GWYN suddenly appeared in New York tonight to help a friend who's Dad just died, but she is LEAVING again in about 5 hours to go back to Stanford. Then FRUNCH is going to be coming out on Wednesday to get in line for Star Wars with us. So Frunch and Gwyn (who are MARRIED) will both have been here in the same week, but not at the same time!?! Crazy...

Anyways, Gabe and I had a GREAT time in Vermont. We stayed with Charlotte at her Mom and Dad's house and we got to meet ED her really nice boyfriend. (picture above is clockwise: Charlotte, Gabe, Lindsey, Ed) We saw a million billion stars the first night there (when it went down to 14 degrees!) and got to hang out with LINDSEY who was miraculously also in town. We went on a big 5 mile hike up the hill, dropped in on lots of old friends, ate sugar on snow (see Gabe's Blog for a full accounting of this Vermont tradition), ate some maple creemies (sp???), went to the Ben & Jerry's factory where I got a waffle cone dipped in chocolate with Sprinkles (that's just the cone!) and then a scoop of mint chocolate chunk and a scoop of heath bar crunch, drove up to Burlington and saw the big lake, played a round of mini-golf (I'm SO BAD at mini golf!!) and had a REALLY nice chinese meal. It was awesome.

It was also really neat for me to come back to Charlotte's home town because I spent the summer after my sophomore year there building sets for the Shakespeare company that Charlotte started. So it was really strange and nostalgic to go back to the theatre and to visit with all the really wonderful people I met and lived with that summer. I think SMELL has got to be the strongest sense connected to memory and nostalgia. It's the truth.

And I know I've said it before, but REALLY, it is so great to get OUT of this city every now and again and remember that the rest of the country (and world) still exists. Just to breathe that clean mountain air and taste the well water and listen to the absolute silence of the night. Such a wonderful refreshing change of pace from this hectic place.

Well, I'm afraid that's a bit rushed, but it'll have to do. Star Wars: Episode III comes out in LESS THAN THREE DAYS now and I've got people flying in from all over the country to watch it with me and there is still a lot left to do until we are ready. As I said before, check Gabe's Blog for more details of our Vermont trip, as I think he's going to go a little more nuts with the details.

It's quite possible that the next time I post here that Star Wars will be over and I will have seen it. That's pretty intense. But luckily I will be surrounded by many good friends and loved ones and they will watch it with me. I feel so lucky to have such good friends.

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