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Thu 6/2/2005


I was supposed to go back to work on TUESDAY. I have this new temp agent though, and she hasn't been able to dig anything up for me yet. The UP side of that, is that I have had a few extra days to do some work. Namely, I FINISHED The Dvorak Zine, scanned it, layed it out, built a bare-bones version of the website for it and have started printing/folding/stapling them together. The DOWN side of that, is that I have to be HOME in case the temp agency calls. (yeah yeah, I know. Cell phones SCHMELL phones).

SO. I have been in the apartment A LOT this week. So when Kelly got back from Ohio on Tuesday at about 7pm I was like, "HEY. WANNA GO FOR A WALK???" just to get out the apartment. We did, which was nice (the weather in New York has been BEAUTIFUL which makes it that much harder to stay inside), but it was dangerous too because I hadn't eaten dinner before we left...

I decided that it would be a "Helluva Candy Night" which in retrospect might have been a "bad call." I purchased and rapidly ate a king sized peanut M & Ms, a pack of skittles, swedish fish and sour patch kids, a heath bar, one of those hersey's mint chocolate bars and a thing of Rolos. No, I did not eat dinner.

HOLY CRAP. Not only was I TOTALLY WIRED that whole evening, but I also had crazy horrific dreams that night. Plus, I brushed my teeth, flossed and then brushed my teeth AGAIN and they STILL hurt when I woke up in the morning! I could have just SPIT in my morning tea to sweeten it!

And for some reason it totally destroyed my appetite for DAYS. I've been doing the thing where I get up early and I'm just working on my comic or printing stuff all day and I look up and suddenly it's 5pm and I forgot to eat Lunch. And I have to FORCE myself to eat dinner! Stupid food.

SIDE NOTE: I had this whole other RANT planned about listening to the new weezer album REALLY LOUD, but sitting here now to type it out, it seems too embarrassing. Basically, you really just need to listen to the new weezer album REALLY LOUD. Even though I know hearing is important, it's also important to rock out sometimes. And Rivers's voice sounds really amazing in a different way when you turn that shit up. Enough!

ANYWAYS, then the other horrible thing that has officially happened is that I do NOT have a table at MoCCA (???!) I'll try to keep this brief, but here's basically what happened:

Late December I turn in my application and $120 check to table at MoCCA. Early January I get an email from the DIRECTOR of MoCCA saying that they got my stuff and had "logged" my application and that they would let me know when they assigned tables. That same week I tell my friends that I'm going to be at MoCCA! Aaron at first wants to come, but then can't, but Nate ends up buying a ticket to New York to table with me! Months pass. In April they put up a list on the MoCCA website of everyone who has a table...and I'm not on it!!!

It says, "If you turned in your application before the February deadline and you're not on the list, please let us know!" So I email them to say, "Hey! I'm not on the list!" and I forward them the email from the DIRECTOR that says "Hey! we got your application and it has been LOGGED." They respond and say, "We have no record of your paperwork, but we'll look for it" I email them a few weeks later and say, "Hey, did you find it?" No response. I email them two weeks later and ask AGAIN. No response. I email them AGAAAAAIN and say, "HEY, MY FRIEND IS FLYING OUT FROM PORTLAND TO TABLE WITH ME, CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU FOUND THE PAPERWORK?" No response! Luckily, Aaron is IN with the MoCCA people (he did their AMAZING POSTER last year) so HE emails them on my behalf and they at least respond to HIM, to say, "Alec doesn't have a table and we can't give him one because the tables are all gone and there is a huge waitlist now."

Faaaaaaaanfuckintastic. SO. No table. I'm still GOING though (with NATE who is still coming-ACK!). We're gonna have a huge backpack full of Comics to trade with all the other Comics folk. But it sucks that we won't be able to sell my Comics to normal New York people. Plus I MADE those cool spray paint things, which I guess I'll sell at SPX instead. The whole thing SUCKS. MoCCA you SUCK!!!

Ack. This post is officially too long! Good thing I didn't go off about rocking out to Weezer...

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