Mon 6/6/2005

I don't know if I've talked about it before on here, but my OFFICIAL slogan for this summer is "BEAT THE HEAT." See, I grew up in SEATTLE where it is 50 degrees and raining something like 200 days out of the year. And for the other 165 days it RARELY ever gets above 85 degrees. And there is basically NO humidity. So that's what I'm used to. In other words, I'm a TOTAL WUSS.

I had been to the East coast maybe once (?) during the summer as a kid and didn't understand how ANYONE could live out here, let alone the MILLIONS of people who actually DO. Then I almost DIED when I had to go to Ohio for the first time, for college in mid August. When I moved to L.A. it was almost 100 degrees and I was working outside all day (with SMOKE from the burning hills instead of humidity). Sydney could also get really humid in a sticky-sweet sort of tropical way. Portland is also way more hot and humid than Seattle, even though it's much closer geographically, because it's 80 miles from the ocean instead of ZERO. And now I have to spend a summer in NEW YORK.

I got back from Philly on Sunday and it was 87 degrees and disgustingly humid. I thought, "This is the equivalent of the WORST that Seattle will probably get all summer... and it's only going to get WORSE." Then today it was in the upper 80s again with humidity you could feel in your lungs. The kind where it periodically BURSTS into rain because there is just too much moisture in the air. So I decided, "Well, am I going to BEAT THE HEAT, or WHAT???" So I went and bought an air conditioner (pictured above).

I had been trolling through craigslist for about a week trying to find a good used one in a closeby neighborhood but everything seemed really sketchy, plus I would have had to sort out picking it up/dropping it off, so whatever. I just went and bought one and then walked it home. I totally had to DISMANTLE my room to install it, but it's in (blowing cool 60 degree air on me RIGHT NOW!) So I am much happier and will hopefully be able to actually SLEEP tonight, which would be great since I'm heading back to work tomorrow.

I'm justifying the purchase one of two ways... 1) I'm not tabling at MoCCA because they lost my paperwork. Thus: They are not cashing the $120 check I sent them. So I have that money again. 2) I got my second check from the Portland Mercury which was about the same cost as the air conditioner. I think I'm going to go with option 2 just so I can lie in bed and think "I am cool right now because I drew Comics for money." It will give me that same pleasure I get when toasting ANYTHING in my Toaster Oven which I bought with check number one from the Mercury.

That all being said, I should mention that I really DISLIKE the idea of the air conditioner as an invention... In the same way that I don't like most drugs. I mean, I was kind of conflicted about buying an air conditioner--I went out on my fire escape today while I was thinking about it, to look through the courtyard and see who had air conditioners in their windows.


I mean, I UNDERSTAND (beat the heat!, right?) but isn't it a little creepy? That we're all holed away in our artificially climate controlled little rooms?? That the AIR we breathe has been PROCESSED? Blechhh! I mean New York has absolutely NO CONNECTION to nature whatsoever, but it really does feel like detatching yourself from the world around you. If I wasn't such a wuss I would prefer to just interact naturally with the climate I am in. To be PRESENT where I am. And if it's too hot, then that's nature telling me I probably shouldn't be there in the first place!

Like with Aspirin. I really don't like taking aspirin. For example, say I get a headache. Or my back starts hurting. PAIN in your body isn't something that should just be subdued and ignored by using some DRUG. It's your body trying to tell you something! I'd much rather stretch my back or drink some water or take a quick nap to get rid of those things, you know?

But I DO take aspirin sometimes because I don't always have time for those other things and I DID go ahead and buy an air conditioner. Ugggggh. Don't be suprised if I NEVER leave my room this whole summer...

Anyways, ACK! This entry got away from me. I need to go to sleep! I'm going to be working HERE for the rest of the week doing some Excel stuff. I'll still be printing mini Comics like mad at night and then Nate arrives Thursday night and MoCCA is this weekend!


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