Wed 6/15/2005

Oh man...WHAT a crazy day...

There is this website called SLASHDOT and they post articles about interesting things that are happening in this quickly changing world. Then NERDS and GEEKS can log in and comment about the articles. And there are A LOT of Nerds and Geeks. Like HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM. So, often, when slashdot links to an article on the internet SO MANY of those people visit the site that it inadvertently CRASHES the server which holds the site. In fact, this happens SO OFTEN that when a server crashes for that reason, people say it has been "slashdotted."

Well, today The Dvorak Zine website was slashdotted. There was a link to our site in an article on Slashdot and it spawned a 650+ thread discussion about the Dvorak Keyboard layout. Luckily, I just happended to be on the site when it happened and I watched the counter BALLOON from 4,000 hits to about 10,000 hits in under 10 minutes. I was able to contact my webhosting people before the server crashed (which it did a few minutes later) so there was no GIANT FINE or anything (pfew!)

On one hand it's AWESOME because literally THOUSANDS of people ALL OVER THE WORLD read our zine, but on the other hand it sucked because the site had to be taken down all day RIGHT when even more people wanted to see it! I did get lots of orders for Zines though and TONS of emails with comments, questions, suggestions, and ideas for the zine and for the site. These emails came from people all over the country AND from Croatia, Ireland, Sweden, France, Spain and Russia. (???!)

So anyways, the site is back up and will hopefully survive the next barrage. I suspect I'm going to spend this weekend making some more Dvorak Zines... THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!!!

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