Productivity: HIGH

Mon 6/27/2005

Well, it feels like I had a pretty good weekend. After about two weeks of being frustrated with my inability to get any drawing done (because of The Dvorak Zine) I finally sat down and drew this weekend. I penciled most of page 21 of Basewood chapter two which is arguably the hardest page in this chapter to draw. So it felt good to work through that.

I also saw three pretty good movies (including March of the Penguins which EVERYONE should go see!), wrote some letters, finished my art pieces for Bwana's "Art of Sharpie" hummingbird and male pattern baldness show (pictured above and coming soon to the portfolio/illustration section), CLEANED MY ROOM (thank god!) and distributed some zines.

I even got some SLEEP, which I am going to try and do again tonight... just a few more comics to staple together and envelopes to address.

Also, as a side note, I was totally right about the weather. It got SO UNBEARABLY ASS HOT today it was terrible. Thank god I bought my air conditioner! Pfew!

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