Hot Time, Summer in the City

Wed 6/29/2005

Gabe is in Spain, Stephanie left today to go to GENEVA (and MOROCCO) with her mom, Ilana is already in Israel at her best friend's wedding and I ran into Asher today, who is going to Rome with his folks. Why is everyone leaving the city and going to far away places? BECAUSE NEW YORK IS SO DISGUSTING IN THE SUMMER.

Yeah...the heat has finally hit and it is truly disgusting. It has been "raining" for almost a week now. I put "raining" in quotes because I don't want anyone thinking that it's actually RAIN--which is something that I love and has always had the ability to make me feel happy. This is "rain" in the sense that it is water falling from the sky, but it's not a natural "Hey! It's time to rain!" kind of thing. It's like the humidity just reaches a point where the air can't physically hold any more moisture so it has to turn into drops and fall. And it's HOT. Blecccccccch!

Anyways, I'm going to make like everyone else and get the hell out of here come August. It's going to be good to get back to Seattle for a couple of days...

I don't have much else to report... I've been going to work, coming home and drawing. Rinse and repeat. I will say that I noticed today, life in New York is a lot more pleasant when you have something good to read. It makes all that subway riding a lot more bearable. I've already made plans to dogsit for Aaron out in Brooklyn the weekend Harry Potter comes out. That hour train ride (both ways!) will be just what I need. :)

Oh, also, I've decided to try and start COOKING more. Or LEARNING how to cook I guess... But more on that later...

Also, I've been talking with Nate who is once again going to help redesign this website from its current form into Version 4.0 He's going to turn comments ON for all these posts (AND all the past posts too I guess--gulp) which a lot of you have asked for, but I've been nervous about. I'm sure it'll be cool, as it'll make the site more of a place to "hang out" or whatever. But I'm almost scared to learn who the hell is reading my website! We'll see how it goes (HAPPY LINDSAY????)

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