Graphic Design For Illustrators #7 


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We have spent the whole second half of the semester on this one project: a 2007 planner for a company that we were assigned. Mine is for Simple Shoes, which is pretty cool.

Since they are a small company, I thought it would be good to make a hand-made volume, which will be cool in the end but is causing all kinds of other stress for this project since our teacher wants files to be prepped for a professional printer, which is an entirely different process than making it yourself (UGH!)

Anyways, here is my 104-page mock-up (with the SUPER-rough print-outs!), which is also the first hard-backed, bound book I have ever made! I used this awesome tutorial which I found online.

It's going to be a total nightmare printing this all up in full color and getting everything to line up (and then making ANOTHER hard-bound version of it!) but hopefully I'll have a pretty cool planner when I'm done... Maybe I'll even USE it next year!

5 7/8" x 8 7/8" - InDesign, Matte Board, Cheesecloth, Glue, Printer Paper, Dental Floss - November 2006