Painting III #10 


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For this class our painting teacher did a demo on Egg Tempra: First he takes an egg, then he cracks it, separates out the yolk, punctures it and puts the yellow core into a jar. Then you use that as a medium and mix it with watercolor or gouache paint.

The paint dries REALLY fast and more permanent than it would normally be. When you layer the paint it keeps its color underneath (instead of reactivating and blending with the top paint, as water based paint would normally do).

Anyways, we were supposed to do a non-representational painting with this medium. I decided to do crosshatching, only with color, to observe the overlapping effect. When it was done my teacher was comparing it to this crazy shirt that my other teacher Donn owns. That was pretty funny...

12" x 9" - Egg Tempra - November 2006