Graphic Design For Illustrators #8 


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Sorry this image file is so huge, but this was a MASSIVE project and I want people to be able to see what I did!

For the final planner I had to lay out 104 pages of images and tables and text in InDesign and then print it all up properly (with 4 separate signatures), stitch the pages together and then bind it into a book.

Each month had a color scheme, that went along with the text dropped into the photographs (which were taken from Flickr without permission--but it's educational!) So each month was totally different, but you can at least see my design here.

Although the teacher said my design was of a professional level, she was "not pleased" with the level of finish on the final book. She took umbridge with many small flaws and imperfections and said I should have trimmed the face of the pages. All in all (WITH EIGHT OTHER CLASSES TO DEAL WITH THAT SEMESTER) I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

6" x 9" - Book board, Muslin, Glue, Cheescloth, Binding thread, Paper, Inkjet printing, InDesign - December 2006