Drawing IV #12 


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And for our VERY LAST abstraction project, we were to take a painting that we liked an then put it through 6 leves of Picasso-bull abstraction, trying to distill it down to its very essence. I chose Edward Hopper's "New York Movie" which is one of my all-time favorite paintings.

Again, this sort of felt like Comics, and actually after a few of these I started having a bit of fun. It's hard to describe the process, but you start shifting points around and then trying to connect lines or extend curves and combine them with other flows in the drawing. It gets all sort of jumbled around and certain things become unnecessary and it gets more and more simple. Sort of like a weird game.

Again, we had to trace each step and then shift them one drawing down so that you could see how each drawing changed from the one before it. This WOULD have been total hell, except we were allowed to use a light box (thank god!) to trace out the previous drawing.

I got picked apart in final critique for having crappy (or NON-EXISTANT) line quality. What can I say? I just don't care about pencil drawings in the least. What's the point? If it can't be photocopied and reproduce properly, I have a hard time getting invested in a drawing. Penciling to me is a transitory step before inking. I've got too many hundreds of hours of Comics penciling behind me to change that now!

6 @ 12" x 6" - Pencil - April, May 2007