Painting IV - P 


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Originally I was going to paint a Pangolin, because I think they are one of the craziest animals on earth! But then Carolyn said, "What?! You're not going to paint a Platypus???" And she had a point. If possible, platypuses are even weirder! However, when I started drawing the sketches, it felt much too much like an otter, which is the letter before, so I went back to Pangolin!

This one was pretty straightforward in terms of the color (it seemed like the only chance I'd get to paint an ORANGE animal :) but man did it take a long time! Jeesh! I split the work up over two days to rest my wrist and so I wouldn't go insane. Lots of little lines to paint...

10" x 10" - Acrylic - November 2007