Miscellaneous Comics

On this page you can find online versions of various small-run minicomics and zines I've made over the years, as well as some of my very early comics. There are also some other random things to check out!

  • Comics love 01

    Your Comics Will Love You Back!

    These are the notes I complied to accompany two lectures I gave on self-publishing at The Center For Cartoon Studies and The Norman Rockwell Museum in March of 2008. They represent most of what I learned in the first five years of self-publishing.

    You can also now download these notes as a $0+ eBook on Ko-fi.com

  • P7funnies2 01

    Phase 7 Funnies #2

    I drew this minicomic for the November 2009 release of Uncle Envelope, which was an awesome zine-subscription service for kids! As with P7 Funnies #1, this collection is made up of fun and silly material that I had unsuccessfully pitched to Nickelodeon Magazine.

  • P7funnies 01

    Phase 7 Funnies #1

    This was a special minicomic that I sent out to all the Phase 7 subscribers in December of 2007. It is comprised entirely of material that I pitched to Nickelodeon Magazine and National Geographic Kids which did not make the cut. There are plenty of gags, as well as some silly stories and lots and lots of bad puns.
  • PPT 2 01

    People, Places, Things. #2

    This second collection of my observational drawings includes: People in parks, people in airports, musicians, a dog, trees, buildings, food and friends.
  • PPT 1 01

    People, Places, Things. #1

    A series of drawings from my sketchbook. Most are from wandering around New York City, drawing in parks, museums, people's apartments or on the subway.
  • Superrabbit 01

    Super Rabbit

    I drew this Roger Rabbit fan-fiction comic for my 5th grade English class when I was 12 years old. It went on to win a blue ribbon in a local art competition! You can read more about its creation on pages 8 and 9 of Phase 7 #010.

  • 1935 01

    1935: Camp Lake Kedgewick

    These sketches and comics were drawn by my GREAT GRANDFATHER, John Claghorn, waaaaay back in 1935. See? Drawing with ink is in my BLOOD!